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Black Sails ColLab

Ahoy! ColLab season is here with some very exciting options including the Black Sails trip.

This late May into early June, an exciting journey will begin traveling along the eastern coast. Mr. Harrington and Ms. Parker are leading the Black Sails ColLab. The trip will involve a long road trip with many iconic pirate related sights.

This adventure will begin in Cape Cod at the Whydah Galley. It’s home to the only officially confirmed pirate shipwreck. Along with it are many interesting artifacts from the Piracy era. The next spots are in North Carolina. Historic Bath, Ocracoke Island, and the Maritime Museum are all interesting locations with deep history tying them to one of the most infamous pirates, Blackbeard. Within these spots, there is so much history to learn and artifacts to see.

The last few stops are in the sunshine state, Florida. El Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas are two iconic forts from when Florida was controlled by the Spanish Empire. These stone national monuments are definitely worth checking out. Last, but certainly not least, is the stop at Disney World. This stop will allow you to check out two of the most famous fictional pirates, and get a look at “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

An exciting trip for all going, with a ton of history, and even more fun. It will be an adventure that you won’t forget, unless you have to walk the plank.

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