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Christmas Gift Guide

While making gingerbread houses and sledding is fun, the holidays are just around the corner. This means you need to buy people gifts. And if you’re like me, you have no idea what to get your friends or family. Everyone has different interests but these are some things that (almost) anyone will like. All of these aren’t too expensive and most of the items can be specifically picked based on the person. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas of what to get them, so you don’t become a giftless Grinch.

1) A portable charger: Portable chargers are great for that friend whose phone is always dead. It’s never good when your phone dies, especially when you don’t have a charger. With this, they’re able to always have a charger, so they can text you back.

2) Fuzzy socks: I know socks sound like a bad idea. But in my experience, everyone loves fuzzy socks. They’re comfortable, warm, and not very expensive, which makes them a very good Christmas gift. Plus, they come in different designs so you can pick one that is fitting for who you’re giving it to.

3) A plant: Okay, maybe this one isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for who it is for. I personally love plants, and if you do too, you know that you can never have enough. Unless you 100% don’t trust your friend with a plant, I recommend getting them one just to see if they can keep it alive. Especially if you get a plant for beginners, it can be a nice gift that grows with them.

4) A comfy blanket: Pretty self-explanatory, but a nice blanket is perfect for anyone. No one can change my opinion that everyone needs a nice comfy blanket. I personally recommend this nice one from Target. It’s very soft and only $16.99 so you could even get one for yourself too.

5) Snacks: Lastly is snacks. This is great for anyone because you can pick what the person you’re giving it to likes best. Also, who doesn’t want more snacks? This option is cheap, easy, and will be loved by anyone. It’s also especially good if you forgot to get a gift until the last minute, but if you don’t say that, no one will know.

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