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Coaches Corner: Coach Troy

At The Winchendon School, students find themselves surrounded by outstanding faculty and staff, including, but not limited to, teachers, counselors, nurses, and coaches. We pride ourselves on creating students who find success in the classroom as well as on the field, the ice, or the court. Winchendon athletes receive support from their coaches far beyond the simple allotted playing times as demonstrated by the outpouring of compassion and eagerness for players to prosper. Our coaches go above and beyond to serve as mentors, advocates, and role models for their student athletes.

For the first Coaches Corner of the new year we are excited to highlight Brain Troy and all of his contributions to the Winchendon community. For the past eight years, Coach Troy has filled many roles around campus. He began his career at The Winchendon School in the humanities department, where he taught US History and English to international students, while also coaching a sport during all three seasons. While we have come to know him as the beloved head coach of the boys varsity hockey team, Troy formerly coached boys varsity soccer and baseball during their respective seasons. Adding to his impressive resume, Coach Troy has served as an assistant dean of students, transportation and permissions director, dorm parent, advisor, and a member of the admissions team. Being a prep school alumni himself, Coach Troy seized the opportunity to become a faculty member at The Winchendon School when it arose. Troy expresses his appreciation for the encouragement he received as a student, and aims to “give back to the life that has given so much to [him].”

When asked to share his thoughts on the boys varsity hockey team and their current season, Coach Troy remarked that the team has competed extremely hard against some of the league's top opponents, and believes things are starting to come together as they improve their ability to score goals. Continuing, Troy has confidence in his current group of players and is excited to see how the team progresses through the second half of the season, as they have a number of highly anticipated games on the horizon, including a rematch with his alma mater, Cushing Academy.

As for advice for the Winchendon community, Troy told the Wapiti Weekly;

“Enjoy every minute of the ride and never say no to an opportunity to gain an experience; so supporting games in the afternoons, going on a ColLAB to Utah, walking downtown with your friends, whatever it maybe, there are hidden experiences in any and all of it, so never say no if you can help it. “

We can not thank Coach Troy enough for the positive impact he makes on The Winchendon School’s campus and are eternally grateful to call him a member of our community, even if he used to dawn the rival’s purple and white.

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