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Coaches Corner: John Harrington

At The Winchendon School, our community is directed by outstanding faculty and staff. This includes teachers, college counselors, nurses, coaches, and more. Athletics mean a lot to our school as we emphasize student athletes. Every student athlete is backed by a coach, but at The Winchendon School, a coach is more than someone who shows up on time, teaches skills, and leaves right at the end of practice. Our coaches are dedicated to creating better people off the field, ice, and court. Our coaches are our friends, mentors, people we trust, and they lead by example.

Our coach of the week is John Harrington. Mr. Harrington has been a member of The Winchendon School community for nearly 30 years as he has worked with the school on and off since 1992. But even before that he had connected with The Winchendon School during the summer of 1982 when he got his first job painting at the school. His dad was even an administrator, taught Latin and American history, as well as taught baseball. Coach Harrington has kept himself involved, though only working part time here, by helping out around campus, driving students, monitoring study hall and activities, coaching, and being a great mentor and role model to many generations of Winch students. Mr. Harrington has been a part of the Winchendon community for much longer than he has been working here.

Currently, Mr. Harrington is an assistant A.O.D (specifically Monday Nights), coaches girls volleyball, boys JV basketball, and is an assistant coach on the boys lacrosse team. Still, he is always helping in classrooms, sports, or other activities whenever he can.

It is currently the fall season and Coach Harrington has been hard at work with the girls volleyball team. Sitting at 6-2, the girls are fighting for a playoff spot and says that he has confidence in his team's ability to get there. He is proud of their positive attitude and resilience through a season with many unpredictable events. He also mentions how he is looking forward to seeing the group of girls continue to grow and build on the small things, mentioning that this is the hump he knows they can get over. Mr. Harrington also points out that the team will have a strong group of returning students next year and is excited about the possibilities.

Mr. Harrington would like to give a piece of advice to The Winchendon School community:

“Look at the water glass half full instead of half empty, you will be surprised how lucky you are to have this environment in which to learn.”

Thank you, Mr. Harrington, for your endless efforts and commitment to our community. There aren’t enough ways to express our gratitude and appreciation for you and your family. You mean so much to this community. Keep up the great work!

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