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Coaches Corner: Mrs. Fallon

At The Winchendon School, our community is directed by outstanding faculty and staff. Teachers, college counselors, nurses, coaches, etc. Athletics mean a lot to our school as we emphasize student-athletes. But every student-athlete is backed by a coach, but at The Winchendon School, a coach is more than someone who shows up on time and teaches skills, and leaves right at the end of practice. Our coaches are dedicated to creating better people off the field, ice, and court. Our coaches are our friends, mentors, people we trust, and they lead by example.

This week on Wapiti Weekly’s coaches corner we are featuring Coach Fallon. Coach Fallon is in her first year here at TWS and she is the girls varsity soccer and lacrosse head coach as well as an assistant coach for girls hockey in the winter. Coach Fallon comes to Winch with 6 years of coaching experience at the college level for hockey. She wanted to come to a school where she “could be more a part of the community as a whole and have different roles on campus with athletics and academics”. Currently her main role is head coach of the girls varsity soccer since we are in the fall season. Coach has this to say about their season and the team, “Soccer season has been great! The team has made such great progress in the short time we have been together and we as a coaching staff are very proud of the entire team. I am very proud of the progress and positivity we have seen as the season goes on. Everyone shows up ready to compete and they have been really great teammates to each other and it’s been a pleasure coaching each and every player!”. There's always some learning opportunity in everything and Coach Fallon looks forward to “building more confidence will be a huge part moving forward - we have a great group of student-athletes that work hard and are capable of great things once we get some consistency with confidence and knowing our potential and playing at our level.” As a first year coach, Coach Fallon has definitely gone through some trials and tribulations with her team but still expresses

“I’m really grateful for the team we have. We’ve had some tough games but the willingness to work hard everyday and to show up for each-other is admirable. These student-athletes make coaching very enjoyable and easy. It’s easy to coach when a team is willing to work hard”.

As far as hockey season goes Coach Fallon expressed her excitement and eagerness to continue helping student-athletes grow, “I’m looking forward to transitioning to hockey season which many of the soccer players will be doing as well and seeing their success transition from the soccer field to the hockey rink!”

Thank you coach Fallon for your commitment to our community! Keep up the great work.

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