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Dreams & The Unconscious Mind

A short collection of poems inspired by the ventures of the unconscious mind, and the dreams we chase when we wake.


Wake up to reality,

nothing ever goes as planned.

What is it really?

A dream? Perhaps being at school?

The clouds spinning, red as a rose.

The walls shaking, turning, churning, burning.

Can you see? Foresee, glee, knee, key.

What makes sense in a dream?

Nothing really.

Like a poem,

rhyming, chiming, timing.

Words become real, while underneath.

Not until you rise to the top, will dreams become a reality.



The word itself is stunning

A word that mentally gets you running

Good morning! He said

Good morning! In excitement

I only found that out hours later

After I arrived on the 9th floor

With a bed to lie in

For I am in Japan

But Japanese I am not

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