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Exposing Basic Halloween Costumes

If I see you in any of these on Halloweekend, I won’t say anything but I will be judging.

Scooby-Doo Group Costume:

This costume is the most basic group costume you can do in high school. If you have five people and are looking for a costume, the first idea is the Scooby-Doo members. When I see these outfits I always think it’s so last minute and thrown together the night before because people didn’t want to research something better.

Any type of Disney Princess:

These costumes are mainly for children under twelve, but if you go as a princess over the age of twelve, it is just weird. Being Ariel, Jasmine, or any other princess you wished you could be as a child, is so overdone. Sorry, you have to get over your childhood dream of wearing a tiara and gown.

The M&M Twin Costume:

This costume is normally last minute. The M&M costume can be put together in a matter of minutes because of the simple manner of dress it entails. If someone were to go as the red M&M, they would only have to throw a red shirt on.

The Lifeguard:

This costume is just an excuse to wear the lifeguard sweatshirt you bought in 2015. This is a go-to for any last-minute planners who just want to throw on the old sweatshirt and grab a whistle.

Angel and Devil:

The angel and devil duo is an overused custom that provides an excuse to wear wings and a halo. To be honest, everyone goes all out and looks great in this costume, but I can guarantee you that everyone has done it once in their life.

That blow-up T-Rex:

The blow-up T-Rex had its popularity in 2018, and no one can stop wearing it. There are so many other blow-up costume ideas, yet everyone comes back to that orange dinosaur with small arms.

Cowgirl or Cowboy:

The cowgirl and cowboy hat is one of the best items of clothing a person can wear, and this piece is always seen on Halloween night. Normally paired with the western looks, the hat makes an appearance every year. Even though everyone and their mother owns one, I still like seeing them on occasion.

In conclusion, just come up with a fun, unique costume. Please, for everyone's sake.

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