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Golden Globes Go Quiet

For the first time in years, the Golden Globe Awards took place without any widespread media coverage. This lack of media attention leaves many regular viewers wondering what happened this year.

The Golden Globes is an annual award show held to recognize American and international motion pictures that premiered within the past year. Events comparable to the Golden Globes are the Emmys and the Academy Awards. Typically, these awards are either on tv or shown through a live stream. On January 9th, the awards transpired without many knowing they were going on.

Although the lack of event was partially due to Covid-19, it mainly had to do with public relation issues. With many problems due to a lack of representation. It was decidedly easier to hold the event quietly in order to bring less attention to the network.

The issue is that the Globes are a significant media event for the film industry and Hollywood stars of all sizes. Whether it is your first movie or your 50th, events like these give media coverage, job opportunities, and networking advantages. So with the show being almost silent to the media, they got none of this. The winners were announced on Twitter, and there was no red carpet or photos from the event to represent them with.

This is a massive loss for the entertainment industry that hopefully can be solved for this upcoming year of film and media. It’s also important to consider the current pandemic. Much of the event that still would’ve proceeded, had to be canceled due to the recent uprise in Covid cases. This is happening with many other shows and events, having to be adjusted, postponed, or canceled. The goal is to go back to normal in both regular life and the entertainment industry, but it’s essential to consider what this new normal will be.

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