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Testing Positive and Keeping Mentally Positive

After returning back to school from Christmas break, students have been testing positive on campus. Instead of throwing the morale off at school, students are working to stay healthy and keep their spirits high.

During these difficult times, it can be hard to see the bright side of situations. With over five students testing positive per week, nurses are working hard to test students so we can participate in sports games and hold events. Both basketball and hockey games have been packed with fans especially against our rival, Cushing Academy. These games are a time where students cheer for their classmates and come together as a school. With signs and flags waving, the hockey players feel very supported by fellow classmates. Looking at upcoming events, the student government and National Honors Society have some things up their sleeves. The main affair in February will be homecoming! This dance, which is new for the school, has students buying dresses and planning a very fun night. Even though the dance got postponed a few weeks, new additions are to come. By setting the date back, the students that are now quarantined can attend the dance! With homecoming, this brings homecoming court and proposal competitions! In the past, there have been prom proposals, and now the tradition will pass on with homecoming.

On another note, students have been asking if the school will shut down due to the rising COVID cases. The answer among most teachers has been no, unless there aren't enough teachers. This answer brings hope to the community as students come and go from quarantine. With people leaving for ten days, the best thing to see is them coming back once they test negative. It is refreshing and nice to see people reunited with friends after COVID. With some negativity lingering around campus, students are doing their best to stay happy and healthy. With sports games, homecoming, and new fundraisers on the horizon, it is in the school’s best interest to keep masks up.

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