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The Comeback

In the wake of the pandemic, our students have had nearly every aspect of normalcy stripped from their daily lives. As we gradually gain ground on safely returning to the ways we used to live, more and more opportunities to improve the qualities of our campus lives have presented themselves. Read below about the first full sports season the Winchendon School has had in nearly 18 months kicks off our year.

Returning to campus at the beginning of this fall, students anxiously awaited being back in the dorms, sitting with more than one person at lunch and beginning classes again without a computer screen cutting through. Perhaps the greatest thrill of all, however, was the notion that students would once again have the opportunity to compete in interscholastic sporting competitions. It is certainly safe to say that when our student athletes and coaches were told that a full-length, regular season with tourneys would occur, they certainly rejoiced!

Now, almost a month into the academic year, the students and their respective teams are back in the full swing of things, facing off both away and at home against fierce opponents in front of their enthusiastic fans and supporters! The 2021 fall sports season includes Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Volleyball, and Co-Ed Cross Country. Each team has had the opportunity to compete in at least one match so far this season, and will continue to engage in a variety of competitions throughout the next five weeks. They are also all vying for a spot in the highly coveted NEPSAC tournaments, which have been instituted once again this year!

Additionally, The Winchendon School is providing students with non-competitive options for athletics this fall, including intramural tennis, outdoor basketball, and pre-season training for winter and spring varsity sports! Everyone has certainly been grateful and relieved that we have the privilege to play our beloved sports again, and it has shown. Faculty and students alike have seen a glint of excitement in the eyes of the players each and every time they come to practice. A fresh appreciation for getting to be part of a team again, to get to play the game again, has significantly impacted the fervor with which our students engage sports.

This newfound zeal has fueled each of these teams to produce incredible performances as representatives of the Winchendon School, both on and off the field. Many other players have vocalized similar sentiments, including a member of the Winchendon School’s soccer team, Emma B. ‘25, “It feels good to be back, and to once again have the opportunity to represent our school when we play!” Commenting on her experience as a new member of the Winchendon School’s soccer team, Kam S. ‘25, related, “It’s been very fun to develop such close relationships with our teammates.”

With only a bright future and a packed schedule in front of them, The Winchendon School looks forward to competing in another entertaining and successful season!

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