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The Winchendon’s School: Almost, Maine

Meet the cast of The Winchendon School’s upcoming production of “Almost, Maine” and get to know the show, directors and students involved in it too!

The Winchendon School’s upcoming fall play “Almost, Maine” opens up on November 5th and plays until 6th, 2021 for the entire school to come see and enjoy! Now, what is “Almost, Maine” you might say? “Almost, Maine'' is a play that takes place in a small almost town in Almost, Maine. Almost is a town full of surprises for its few local residents who will fall in and out of love during the “magical” northern lights in this romantic comedy. Just like the song ``Strange ``by Celeste says, “Strangers to friends, friends into lovers and strangers again” (1:24-1:32), Almost, Maine covers it all!

The cast is halfway through their rehearsals and preparations for next month’s show! The cast members of “Almost, Maine” have some pretty great opinions about the show and how it is coming along so far:

“The show is coming along really well! I’m nervous about going off-book on October 4th but I am excited for the show and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!” - Reagan. K ‘25

“Through the rehearsals we’ve had thus far, we have collaborated very well with our fellow castmates in order to convey these beautiful stories to the audience.” - Julia B. 23’

Our “Almost, Maine” cast is very excited for opening night and they can not wait to perform for everyone. As the cast is getting closer and closer to opening night, they rehearse and practice each day and are working very hard to put on an amazing show for everyone! The directors have done a wonderful job so far putting this show together and have really been great influences to the students in the show! They are also doing their own job of helping the cast live up to their fullest potential and are also very excited to present the show to everyone! Remember to show your support for The Winchendon School’s young actors and actresses by coming to the shows on November 5th and 6th, 2021. If you want to join the theatre family, The Winchendon School’s winter showcase and 2021 spring musical are always an option for the future!

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