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It's That Time Of Year!

The Winchendon School has opened its doors once again and is thrilled to be welcoming students to campus! After a three month long summer vacation, students pile into the dorms and dive back to school. New COVID-19 protocols have been placed and less restrictions are present. With this, orientation took place on Sunday August 28th, and students bonded with games on the lawn. This gave new students the opportunity to bond and get an impression of the community feel at The Winchendon School. The upcoming school year will be filled with more sensational activities just like this and many more exciting traditions.

Ever since the school shut down in March of 2019, the school has taken on COVID-19 protocols for the safety of the students. Now that two years have gone by, the school has perfected measures to keep the campus safe and provide entertainment. The school now offers self serving lunch, more than two people to a table, and weekend activities. All three of these are a massive step up from the rough and regulated last year. With this, The Winchendon School’s traditions have commenced once again. Community meetings and formal dinners have begun, and the events take place in the academic quad outside of the student center. The beautiful space provides for wonderful gatherings of our community to celebrate the privilege we have to be reunited together. With almost all students and faculty members vaccinated, McDonalds trips have been approved and day students can attend outside functions. Furthermore, sports games and practices are also continuing. Games were open to be played at the end of last year but a full season hasn’t been completed in almost two years. This has students over the moon to be playing with fellow teammates again. Adding on to this, the teachers have been working ceaselessly to construct new curriculum plans. The Winchendon School’s community service program, Impact Learning, has started up and is ready to get back into the community. Activities from these groups will be more hands-on which will provide the community with more services. Another positive the school has encountered is no masks outside. Since late last year, masks have been lifted in outdoor areas which allows people to connect better. Being able to see someone's face and having a bond with someone without a mask has been forgein to the new students. Facing the adversity of getting to know people with masks, the new students have successfully made their way into the Winchendon community. With the stress of the first week of school over, students and teachers are hoping for a peaceful, educational, and fun upcoming year.

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