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Wapiti of the Week→Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey

Each week, the Wapiti Weekly looks to recognize sensational students who assert themselves as community members dedicated to their academic development, success in their extracurricular activities, and growth in their role in our community as a leader. This week, we will be honoring not one, but three remarkable students from The Winchendon School community.

This week’s “Wapitis of the Week” are Kaylen T., Olivia “Biv” B., and Zoe T. These four-year seniors are the captains of the Winchendon Girl’s Ice Hockey team for the 2021-2022 season, and have led their team through a number of tenacious, spirit-driven battles thus far. All three fantastic student-athletes are involved in multiple athletic activities and have truly made a lasting impact on their peers and community during their time here.

To get to know our group of Wapitis a little bit better, we are going to introduce Kaylen T. ‘22. Kaylen has been a prominent member of The Winchendon School community since 2018, joining the Winchendon family for their esteemed hockey program and ardent commitment to learning. Kaylen explained that she was inspired to start playing ice hockey as a kid because of her cousins, and she wanted to, “...give it a shot.” It’s safe to say that she stuck with it, and she will be continuing her illustrious career with SUNY Oswego in the fall. Throughout her years of play, Kaylen’s most cherished memory of the sport is when her childhood team won the championship game of a tournament in New Jersey. Likewise, with the girls’ varsity hockey team at The Winchendon School, she explained that her most memorable experience came in the 2019 season, when the Wapitis came out with their first victory in program history against a fierce rival, the Phillips Andover School. In addition to ice hockey, Kaylen has also been a salient figure on the Winchendon softball team since her freshman year. When asked about her experiences with these teams, she responded earnestly, saying, “my experiences with these two teams have been absolutely great, they are both two quality groups of people.” In that same vein, she says that her time at The Winchendon School has influenced her growth as a person, and has prepared her for the journey that lies ahead. Kaylen explains that it will not be something from the classroom, nor will it be something from the ice that will remain with her when she moves on. The incredible and lasting friendships that she has made at this school will be her most valuable take away from her time at the Winchendon School. Finally, when asked for a few words of wisdom for the younger, or even the prospective students of The Winchendon School, she said, “Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things.” We cannot thank Kaylen enough for all of her significant contributions to the school, and we look forward to seeing all of the outstanding things she accomplishes in the future.

Up next is another outstanding member of our community, Olivia “Biv” B. ‘22. Biv has been a member of the Winchendon community for all four years of her high school career. Upon asking what made her want to become a Wapiti, she replied, “As soon as I stepped foot on this campus I knew this was going to be the school for me.” Biv’s hockey career stems from her father’s adoration for the sport. From the time she could walk, Biv was on the ice. In fact, she started skating on her own when she was only two years old! As for her favorite childhood memory of the sport, she describes, “each winter my dad would build a hockey rink in our backyard. My sister and I would always go on the rink together to play and shoot around.” Her most memorable experience as a member of the girl’s varsity hockey team is from her rookie season, when the girls traveled to Maine for a tournament where they lodged at a teammates’ house. She reminisced about how the team camaraderie was at an all-time high, and it was a wonderful weekend full of cheer and hard-fought games. Biv is certainly not a one-trick pony, as she is incredibly involved on campus, for she has taken part in everything from ceramics to managing girl’s varsity lacrosse for all four seasons of her time here. Some of Biv’s most prominent roles on campus include the founding and management of her community service group, Cure for Cancer, and, this year, leading the community as one of our co-student body presidents! Biv revealed to us how much these experiences have had an impact on her personal growth, and how much confidence she has accrued over her time at The Winchendon School, allowing to take on opportunities like never before. Her biggest take away from her time at The Winchendon School is expanding her horizons and taking the road less traveled. When asked for a token of advice for other Wapitis, Biv explained, “Don’t be afraid to do something that you think your friends will judge you for.” Biv has had a truly significant impact on the Winchendon School over the past four years, and we can’t wait to support and cheer her on in future endeavors as her next steps unfold.

Last, but certainly not least, is our final Wapiti of the Week, Zoe T. ‘22. Zoe has represented the green and white for all four years of her high school career, and her decision in choosing The Winchendon School was, “...because of the hockey program and supportive learning environment.” Initially, Zoe’s brother inspired her passion for the sport. She stated, “I always looked up to him and felt that everything he did I also had to do as well.” Her evident commitment to and love of the sport has not wavered since then. She conveys that her most memorable moment as a part of the Winchendon girl’s ice hockey team was earlier in the 2021-22 season, when her tooth was chipped during an incredibly physical and hard-fought game against Winchendon’s greatest rival, Cushing Academy. She explained that this moment, “...made me feel like a true hockey player.” During her time at this school, Zoe has contributed to our in a variety of facets besides her ice hockey career. Most notably, these roles include being the girl’s varsity volleyball captain, captain of the girl’s varsity lacrosse team, a two year proctor, and the co-head of social media for the Wapiti Weekly. Zoe has even been known to break out the flute, which she has played for ten years! She explains that of the myriad of activities she has been involved in during her time at the school, her leadership role as proctor has truly helped her develop relationships with her peers, and it has allowed her to grow into a figure who is known for her dependability and compassion. Additionally, she reveals that during her time at the Winchendon school, her roles as various team captains have allowed her to develop individually into the strong leader she has become today. Her biggest takeaway from her time at Winchendon is to cherish every moment and all of the wonderful people in our lives. Her final piece of advice she wishes to impart to other students is, “Try everything. Even when things seem to be out of your comfort zone, putting yourself out there and meeting new people is the way to go.” We thank Zoe for the integral role she has taken in our community and the countless contributions she has made, and we

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