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Wapiti of the Week: Matt B ’22

At The Winchendon School, we like to recognize many of our outstanding students for their accomplishments, commitment, and service to our community. We will be honoring a student once a week. This week our Wapiti of the week is four-year senior Matt Belliveau-Ryan. Matt has been an upstanding member of our community these past 3 years and we are excited to see him finish strong in his final year.

Matt came to Winch seeking an opportunity to receive a better education and more opportunity to compete at a higher level of sports. During his time at The Winchendon School Matt has competed on the field as a member of the Boys Varsity soccer team. And this year he does so as a captain. He states that he feels he helps the team get prepared for their games and carries himself as an example. Matt goes on to say that the athletics here and having the opportunity to compete and grow through athletics has to be his favorite part of Winch.

Being at Winch provides all students an opportunity to grow in a way they can’t in many other places. While Matt expressed his growth on the field he also mentions where his biggest area of growth is, which is in the classroom. “Winch has helped me grow in an academic way. The teachers have taught me all that I need to know for college.”, says Matt. While Matt is a day student Winch is still home to him. He goes on to say, “Winch means a lot to me because this place is one of my homes. This is where I grew up and learned a lot about myself and others.”. Matt continues to express the fact of growth this school and community have given him and the meaning and effect it has had on his life.

A piece of advice Matt would like to leave The Winchendon School community with is, “My advice for other students is, go to conference and use your time wisely when you're in high school.”. Thank you Matt for your dedication and commitment to The Winchendon School community and we can’t wait to see you continue to grow!

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