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Wapiti of the Week: Sam Torosian ’22

At The Winchendon School, we like to recognize many of our outstanding students for their accomplishments, commitment, and service to our community. We will be honoring a student once a week. This week we would like to recognize four-year senior Sam Torosian. Sam has been a great member of the Winchendon School Community these past four years. He continuously exemplifies the great eight characteristics of our community through his actions each and every day.

Sam is a four-year varsity soccer player and captain this year, President of The Winchendon School’s chapter of the National Honor Society, and a three-year member of student government serving as a day student representative.

When asked about these involvements and roles Sam responded, “National Honor Society has been going great so far, we just had the induction ceremony and it is great to see a ton of new faces in the community. Student Government has been working hard to come up with opportunities for students and faculty to have a great time on campus. Lastly, our soccer team is currently 3-1-1, we are on a 3 game winning streak and the boys are starting to play more as a team and it shows on the field.”

While talking about his Winch experience and what he likes Sam mentions how he is grateful to come to school and be around his friends and the tight-knit community. He expresses that the opportunity that The Winchendon School offers through this feeling of community is what makes it such a special and unique place compared to other schools.

In his interview, Sam emphasizes the importance of time management and how his Winchendon School experience has helped him build that valuable trait to prepare him for college and beyond.

Sam would like to point out the growth he has made over the past four years as he accredits The Winchendon School as playing a big role in that. Specifically, he states that the faculty and staff here at The Winchendon School have played a major part in this growth. He says that they have seen him grow and mature into a young adult over the years and have helped him navigate life and discover who he is. Sam believes the faculty here makes a point to put you in a place to succeed. He brings up Coach Troy, giving him an honorable mention as a mentor and someone who has guided him over the years. Sam included a saying by Mr. Troy, “Every day above ground is a good day.” This is a quote that Sam carries with him.

Finally, Sam would like to leave the community with a piece of advice. He says, “don’t take this time for granted. You will look back on these days and miss them. You will not always be able to have the opportunity to go to school and live next to all of your close friends. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Lastly, remember to focus on your grades but also on your mental health and social life. It is important to keep up with your grades but you deserve to have fun and enjoy your last time as a kid.”

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