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Winter Olympics and COVID-19 Protocols

The 2022 Winter Olympics are coming up quickly, due to start on February 4th and last until February 20th. Countries are getting more worried as COVID-19 cases keep rising around the globe. As of now, China’s capital, Beijing, the host city for these Olympics, has very strict protocols and is not allowing international spectators at this year's games. This differs from the 2021 Summer Olympics. Beijing is selling limited amounts of tickets to selected spectators. These spectators will have to follow all of Beijing’s COVID protocols.

All of the athletes of course have to follow these protocols as well but for now, they’re focussing on their training for these next few weeks before the games begin.

Although the opening ceremony isn’t until this Friday, February 4, 2022, some of the competitions, or qualifying rounds for sports like curling, luge and start this Tuesday the 2nd. These games will last until February 20th. More than 90 countries from across the world will be joining together to celebrate the joy of sports and friendly competition. All of these countries will be competing in fifteen different sports this year, some merely participating in two or three events while some are set to participate in all fifteen. Tune in to channels like NBC, USA Network, CNBC and others to watch the games over the next twenty days for full coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics!

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